Control and Automation

Any modern industrial process requires reliable automation and control to ensure high productivity and profitability. Constantly changing technology can be challenge for some industries to keep up with, but those that do will maintain a competitive advantage.

Common control and automation challenges at an industrial facility:

  • Aging equipment becoming obsolete and difficult to repair or maintain.
  • Maintaining updated electrical drawings and schematics.
  • PLC programs that have been continuously modified over the years and need a complete overhaul.
  • Turnover of technical staff resulting in lost knowledge, making maintenance a challenge.
  • PLC programs that are not controlling a process in the optimal manner.
  • Protection relays that have been 'dialed up' to avoid nuisance tripping when the real problem lies elsewhere.

Whether you are constructing a new industrial facility or operating an old one, contact Strutherstech for solutions to your industrial protection and control problems. A selection of electrical engineering services relevant to industrial control systems are listed below. Follow the links or contact us for more information.

Electrical Protection Studies

Substation Design

PLC and DCS Design and Programming

Power Harmonic Studies

Control Panel Design

Control System Modelling

Electrical Training

Electrical Auditing Services

Time Domain Analysis (PSCAD)

Electrical Testing and Commissioning

Feasibility Studies and Cost Estimates

Electrical Equipment Procurement

Factory Inspections

Governing and Stability Studies

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