Diesel Power

Diesel power generation remains the electrical source of choice for emergency backup power or for facilities in remote locations. Plugging into a diesel genset is usually a straightforward task, but multiple generator installations and hot transfer applications can quickly become a complicated operation.

Common electrical challenges at a diesel electric power generating facility:

  • Synchronizing multiple gensets should be a simple task, but often is not.
  • Low fault currents can complicate the protection co-ordination.
  • Insufficient load resulting in over-cooling of the engine and poor efficiency.
  • Starting a large motor from a relatively small diesel engine can be difficult.
  • Frequency and voltage hunting between multiple units on a common bus.
  • Closed synchronous transfer from standby diesel to grid power requires special attention.

Whether you are planning a new diesel station or troubleshooting an old one, Strutherstech has solutions for your project.

A selection of electrical engineering services relevant to diesel generating plants are is listed below. Follow the links or contact us for more information.

Short Circuit Studies

Arc Flash Studies

Governing and Stability Studies

Power and Load Flow Studies

Substation Design

Construction Power

Power System Design

Control Panel Design

Utility Liaison

Electrical Protection Studies

Electrical Auditing Services

Time Domain Analysis (PSCAD)

Grounding systems

Feasibility Studies and Cost Estimates

Electrical Training

Factory Inspections

Electrical Testing and Commissioning

Energy & Economic Models
Electrical Equipment Procurement

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